Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling textbook and course Changing Your Professional Life 

“Ever since I took Dr. Ma’s dry needling course it has taken off in my practice!
I can no longer support the number of patients that are asking for it and they have to wait several weeks to see me. We actually had to build a new 7,500 square foot clinic
to accommodate all of our patients!” 

Tony del Angelo, DC  www.gonstead-nm.com 

“I decided to take Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling course based on its reputation as
‘the Best Dry Needling Course’ in the nation and also because it is a pain-free method of needling. This course exceeded my expectations and I feel 100% confident to treat my patients.
The addition of dry needling has brought faster and more effective recovery to our patients.” 

Jon Seeamen,
The center for spine, sport & Physical Medicine, Lone Tree, co 

“Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling has opened an immense world of new opportunities before us. I have used the Neurologic Dry Needling learned in Dr. Ma’s course almost daily with our soldiers. It has certainly led to faster recovery and improved overall function of our soldiers.
It is an invaluable modality.” 

Ryan Decarau, , PT, DPT, scs, ATc, cscs,  contract physical therapist with US special operations 

“Thank you so much for your Neurologic Dry Needling courses. I have learned so much and I realize that it is only because I was taught by someone who is so kind and such an excellent teacher! Also thank you for all the knowledge you have given to me, my staff and the entire medical field. We are indebted to you.” 

Natalie Semon, , PT, MPT, CSCS, Camelback sports Therapy, Phoenix, AZ 85018 camelbacksportstherapy.com 

“Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling energized my practice and revolutionized my treatment plans. I use NDN with 70% of my patients and MY BOOKS ARE FULL.” 

Catherine Hodges, DPT,, MsPT co-owner of BodyIntel, denver, co www.bodyintelco.com 


“Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling course has changed the way
I treat very difficult patients, the ones with chronic pain who almost give up.
I get patients who are fearful of needling after experiencing painful Trigger-Point dry needling. After one treatment using Dr. Ma’s technique, these patients, can’t get enough of needling! Dr. Ma’s neurologic approach and new information on microcirculation changed forever my practice and the way I understand pain/inflammation.” 

Brandy Johnson, , PT, DPT Gillette, WY 

“I have attended more than 50 seminars in the last 5 years. Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling has been the most informative course that I have ever been to” 

Eric M. Clark , DC, c Trinidad, CO 

“I am honored to call Dr. Ma a mentor, teacher, and friend.
Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling has equipped so many with a powerful tool that enhances both the neurological and musculoskeletal components of the movement system throughout rehabilitation, performance training, and the recovery process. His approach is based on a sound, scientific rationale and, combined with movement correction activities, allows Physical Therapists like myself
to optimize our treatments and make positive impacts
in all of our athletes from recreational to elite.” 

Robbie Ohashi, PT, DPT, ocs, ATc, cscs President/Performance Physical Therapist Performance in Motion
Chicago, IL 

“Practicing dry needling for the past 7 years I have studied with numerous teachers and practitioners around the world. Dr. Ma’s Neurologic Dry Needling techniques are consistently the most effective, efficient, patient-centered and straightforward. Neurologic Dry Needling has revolutionized the way that we treat pain and dysfunction and will continue to do so. Being able to share Dr Ma’s knowledge and expertise
is one of the most valuable learning experiences in my career.” 

Derrick Hines, DPT, Owner – Acadiana Pain & Performance rehab Lafayette, LA