Dry Needling for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation Textbook

Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation
Dry Needling Techniques, Yun-tao Ma, Elsevier, 2010

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Dr Ma strongly emphasized that the modern modality known as dry needling aka intramuscular manual therapy (IMT)  aka trigger point therapy (TDT) does not share any common foundation with traditional Chinese acupuncture The term acu-puncture is used in the textbook  in the sense of its original Latin roots: acus (needle) and punctura (puncture or piercing).

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“Finally, a well-referenced, commonsense approach to dry needling in sports medicine that discusses maintenance, overtraining, and the effect of the stress response in athletes. This is a long-awaited book that will leave you feeling comfortable with a technique that is very useful not only for athletes, but for all patients of your practice.”
Rey Ximenes, MD, Sports and Stress Management Center, Austin, Texas

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Dr Ma’s new textbook Biomedical Acupuncture for Sports and Trauma Rehabilitation, Dry Needling techniques was published by Elsevier in 2010. New concepts and techniques from this textbook are presented during our course.

“What you will learn makes this book priceless. Dr Yun-tao Ma provides the clinician with a detailed reference manual demonstrating Advance Dry Needling Techniques which enhance the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal and physiological systems of the elite, professional and recreational athlete. Dr Ma’s book provides a simple, detailed and proven process for detecting and correcting soft tissue dysfunction, preventing chronic sports injuries and maintaining homeostasis. It will teach you the science and provide the “how to” for you to increase micro-circulation and reduce cellular aging in the athlete. Not only does it provide valuable practical information and techniques, but the book gives the clinician the effective tools to use for assessing, analysing and evaluating the autonomic nervous system. After 10 years of working as a personal performance enhancement doctor, now Dr. Ma’s course and book taught me how to add years to the career and life of my athletes.”
Dr Clayton Gibson, III, Personal Physician to Elite, Olympic and Professional Athlete’s NFL, NBA, MLB, USATF and NCAA (click to read more)

“Presently we have a great confusion of various ideas regarding Dry Needling/span>. Dr Yun-tao Ma’s book is destined to play a truly integrating role, explaining mechanism of dry needling, offering a system for practical application and clarifying misunderstandings.
Peter Lundgren, Physiotherapist for elite athletes, Director AKNA Institute, Sweden

“Integrative Systemic Dry Needling has brought a whole new dimension to physical therapy. Dr. Yun-tao Ma’s virtually painless dry needling techniques described in this book allow for dynamic treatment of the body as a whole. I am amazed at the body’s reaction to Dr. Ma’s dry needling – the rapid reduction of pain, oedema, and muscle spasm which in turn restores proper postural alignment enhancing total body function.”
Janine K. Rodriguez, PT, Colorado Spring, CO, Physical therapist with 25 years of clinical experience

“What an exciting resource! This textbook will revolutionize our profession. Athletes are constantly looking for ways they can get an edge and perform at their best, especially when rehabilitating from an injury. Dr Yun-tao Ma blends his many years of experience with his rich scientific background in bringing his unique system of Integrative Systemic Dry Needling to the sports world. Whether treating an acute sprain or strain, joint edema, delayed onset muscle soreness, or overtraining syndrome, I am thrilled to have this new tool to utilize in getting the elite and recreational athletes I treat back to competition quicker than ever.”
Robert Ohashi PT, DPT, Physical Therapist for elite athletes, Athletes’ Performance Company, Phoenix, Arizona

“The dry-needling technique as described in Dr Yun-tao Ma’s textbook has proven to be one of the most profoundly beneficial treatments I have ever offered to my patients. This approach is unsurpassed for facilitating recovery from acute injury. It is even more valuable in assisting an athlete in restoring high performance abilities after months or years of experiencing subtle chronic injuries that have been masked by compensation. Dr. Ma’s assessment and dry needling treatment protocols are pragmatic and designed to easily be incorporated into a modern clinic.”
Dr.Mark A. Kestner, Kestner Sports Centre Murfreesboro, Tennessee (click to read more).

“A brilliant inside into the world of biomedical dry needling. Conventional pain concept focuses on neurological processes. Dr. Ma’s Integrative Systemic Dry Needling technique treats both neurological dysfunction and pathohistological abnormalities of soft tissues, the main causes of soft tissue pain. His approach aims at tissue healing, providing pain relief without any side-effects. His new dry needling concept and approach greatly improve quality of clinical pain management, especially for athletes who suffer from overtraining and various injuries.”
Lorenzo Gonzalez, PT, DPT, OSC, MS, LAT, Team Physical Therapist
2008 USA Olympic Silver Medal Women’s Foil and Men’s Sabre Fencing Teams

“Dr. Ma’s approach to dry needling is an integrative and systematic methodology specifically designed for medical/healthcare professionals. He is a true master with an ability to convey his extensive knowledge in a clear, concise and enthusiastic manner. His latest book reveals an in-depth understanding into various sports-related injuries and treatment for athletes, which has helped me to attain optimal results with my patients.”
Laina Eskin, PT, 10 years of experience in Dry Needling, Vail, Colorado

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